Colorado Fever | Testimonial

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Colorado Fever | Testimonial | Triple 7 Graphics

My organization was looking for a new online presence; one that would attract more clients. Jesse created a dynamic website for us that is now the talk around the club basketball organizations throughout Colorado. Working with Jesse was very easy and he was able to convert my ideas into reality. I would suggest Triple 7 Graphics to anyone who wants a dynamic website at a reasonable cost.

Keith Howard

Executive Director

Colorado Fever Athletic Association

Skyline Stars | Testimonial

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Skyline Stars | Logo Design | Triple 7 Graphics | Web Design

Skyline Stars Basketball Organization would like to thank triple7graphics for the professional team logo created for our organization. Jesse, worked closely with our staff, to ensure the perfect logo.

Thank you so much Jesse!

Neil Hanson | Testimonial

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Neil Hanson | Triple 7 Graphics | Writer

Jesse did an excellent job of implementing my web sites. He was able to understand clearly what I was trying to achieve, and tailor the level of assistance and help that he gave in the process to my particular level of understanding of the technology we were working with. His ideas were useful and relevant, and he did a good job of finding ways to implement loose and unrefined ideas that I had. In addition to the website work Jesse has done for us, he also did logo design work for us, and I was extremely pleased with ability to take loosely defined ideas and notions and develop them into good ideas and option.

It’s been a pleasure working with Jesse on our projects, and I’d recommend him highly both as a graphic artist and a technical designer and implementer.

Neil Hanson, Writer

Elite Process Service

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Elite Process Service | Triple 7 Graphics

Jesse helped design several advertisements for us. Throughout the process, he was exceptionally responsive and dedicated to meeting our stringent specifications. He is not only a talented designer, both also professional and creative. I would recommend him to anybody in need of high-end visual designs. While there are countless designers you can choose from, it is rare to find one that genuinely cares about your project as much as you do. I can attest from personal experience that Jesse will work with you until there isn’t a single thing you want changed with your design. If you need it done right, give Jesse a call.

Best Regards,
Kashen J. Mathers, Elite Process Service

Jannie Doodles | Testimonial

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JannieDoodles | Triple 7 Graphics | Labradoodle Breeder

I needed a website that was unique to inform my potential adoptee families about Jannie Doodles. It was important to me to stand out as a quality breeder. I wanted my current litter of puppies featured individually to make selection easier for my customers. This task was assigned to Triple 7 Graphics. The results were levels above my expectations. From choosing a template, designing a logo, organizing the information, adding weekly puppy photos and creating a heartwarming video; all completed to perfection! I received countless compliments about my website. Every client highly praised my site for content and easy navigation with an outstanding presentation! I am proud of my exceptional puppies and my new website! I found myself with more customers than puppies, which is simply fabulous!

Janice P., JannieDoodles.com

Oaklands Ranch | Testimonial

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Oaklands Ranch | Triple 7 Graphics | Testimonial

We have been using our website that Mr. Perry created for us for over a year now and we are very pleased. We were new to the website world when we employed Mr. Perry to help us but he made it very easy to understand and use. He was always available when we needed him during the construction of our website and did a great job with the graphics. We still use him to maintain our website, he is always there to help. About 75% of our business comes from the web; we couldn’t do business without it. Our website is a necessity for our business and Jesse Perry is a good friend to have.

– Charlie Curtis : Oaklands Sawmill

Brave Marketing Concepts | Testimonial

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Brave Marketing Concepts | Triple 7 Graphics

Jesse is excellent to work with, has a knack for creating designs that grasp context, color schemes and images of the intended message. If you require a design, image or website that needs to convey your personal, corporate, retail or school theme, i would highly recommend Triple7Graphics.com! ”

Dave Leash

Rocky Mountain High Cockers | Testimonial

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Rocky Mountain High Cockers | Triple 7 Graphics
This past year I contacted Jesse after many problems I had with a gentleman I had hired months before had caused me much loss of sales due to shutting my web site down. Jesse was referred to me and he immediately got all the information that was needed to start the big task of getting everything sorted out and back up and running.

I was truly amazed at his great work and super ideas on how to make my web site look the best I could ever imagine. He was very patient with me through the whole process and has been very dependable to make any changes I need to make on it to keep my site updated at all times. Jesse has been a true joy to work with and the sales of my puppies have rose much faster and smoother than ever before. I would recommend Jesse and his great imagination, hands on, and dependability to anyone who is in need of a web site or any other type of work of this kind..

Linda Headlee, Rocky Mountain High Cockers

Rockyard Brewery | Testimonial

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Rockyard Brewery | Testimonial | Triple 7 Graphics

Triple 7 Graphics has done several jobs for me over the last couple years. Jesse is easy, and fun to work with, and flexible when it comes to meeting my needs. Turnarounds are quick, the art is creative and eye catching, and I really get the feeling that he is part of my team.

Jim Stinson
Rockyard Brewing Company