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This past year I contacted Jesse after many problems I had with a gentleman I had hired months before had caused me much loss of sales due to shutting my web site down. Jesse was referred to me and he immediately got all the information that was needed to start the big task of getting everything sorted out and back up and running.

I was truly amazed at his great work and super ideas on how to make my web site look the best I could ever imagine. He was very patient with me through the whole process and has been very dependable to make any changes I need to make on it to keep my site updated at all times. Jesse has been a true joy to work with and the sales of my puppies have rose much faster and smoother than ever before. I would recommend Jesse and his great imagination, hands on, and dependability to anyone who is in need of a web site or any other type of work of this kind..

Linda Headlee, Rocky Mountain High Cockers